Reformation of the individual and reformation of the society is essential for today’s sorrow ridden world. In fact, this is the responsibility placed upon the muslim ummah by ALLAH (3:110; 2:143). All the prophets used to do this activity in the past (3:164). This same activity was successfully completed in a short span of 23 years by Muhammad(S).
By this reformation movement, lthe characterless barbarians of that era were transformed into civilized people of high character, lthe uncultured became cultured & lthe looters became benefactors.
Among them, lhatred turned into love, ljealousy turned into appreciation, limmorality turned into morality and ldisunity was replaced by unity. Such great values started to evolve in them.
The Main reason behind this moral revolution in that era was the reformation of the people’s ‘spiritual ideology and practices’ and not for ‘revolting against the government’ or ‘terrorist activities’.